You know you belong here if…

By Jordan Lewis

We believe. You belong here.

Have you ever stopped to think of the significance of those two phrases that are nearly burned into the brains of Olivetians?

Similar to a popular restaurant slogan, we paint this phrase on billboards, buildings, napkins and floors.

This idea of belonging to a place, specifically Olivet, is one so popular amidst our tight-knit campus that students begin to believe it, in the same way we believe

“America runs on Dunkin” or eating Taco Bell really is “thinking outside the bun.”

But what exactly makes a person belong within the Christian bubble of Olivet?

Well, you know you belong here if … you play musical parking spaces every day.

You belong here if … you go to the only school you’ve ever heard of that owns an organ more expensive than two of your homes, maybe more.

You belong here if … you use your ID card as a measuring stick to see if your outfit is “Olivet appropriate” every morning.

You belong here if … the excuse, “My printer’s out of ink and I don’t have any Tiger Dollars,” is an acceptable reason not to turn in your homework.

You belong here if … you spent all your Flex Dollars on coffee and Red Room meals by fall break and are now forced to eat in Ludwig till Christmas.

You belong here if … you can’t decide which part of Friday you’re more excited about: the fact that it’s the weekend or that it’s “Chicken Nugget Friday” in Ludwig.

You belong here if … you plan the time you spend with your boyfriend or girlfriend around open dorm nights.

You belong here if … going to Orland Park is your idea of a fun Friday night.

You belong here if … your heart skips a beat every time you see a pink slip in your mailbox, until you remember it’s probably either a textbook or your box partner’s.

You belong here if … you’ve been nearly run over by a bike, long board or razor scooter.

You belong here if … you always make it to fourth-floor Burke completely red-faced, out of breath and looking as if you’re about to go into cardiac arrest.

You belong here if … you hear the words “Tiger or Flex” almost every day. Similarly, you have pulled out your ID card as a form of payment outside Olivet, only to receive dumbfounded looks from those around you.

You belong here if … you expect every chapel to end in an alter call. If it doesn’t end in either an alter call or a joke you feel as though it’s been a bad chapel day. Also, if you happened to think it was a boring chapel, chances are 15 of your friends have already updated their Facebook or Twitter account with some form of complaint.

You belong here if … everyone’s Facebook status is a Bible verse, complaint about the weather or comment about homework levels.

You belong here if … you’ve almost gotten hit by a car walking across the street on multiple occasions. You also know at least one person who has gotten hit going across Main Street.

You belong here if … you regularly steal bagels, fruit or cereal out of Ludwig. (How else are you supposed to eat?)

You belong here if … Sunday brunch is the best food you get all week. You’ve even been known to fast in preparation for brunch, shove food in your backpack for later, or gorge yourself as though you are an Israelite just arriving in the Promised Land.

You belong here if … you have a bitter hatred toward Public Safety and the little white Jeeps they drive. Similarly, you almost expect to see an orange envelope on your windshield every time you walk to your car. You are in fact collecting those envelopes as mementoes from your time at ONU to be framed upon graduation day alongside your diploma, positioned above the mantle.

Finally, you belong here if … you believe you belong here. Even if these cliché and corny Olivet habits are true about you, you truly believe this is where you are supposed to be – not because of the rules, the homework or the dorms, but because the people at Olivet have shaped and molded you into the person you are today.

That’s how you know you belong here.

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