ASC executives prepare for next year

The 10 new executives of Associated Student Council (ASC) sat down with the GlimmerGlass staff to share a bit about themselves, as well as their visions for the 2012-2013 school year.

Jameson Forshee
Student Body President
Major: Business Administration

A central focus for new Student Body President, junior Jameson Forshee, is to facilitate campus dialogue.

“I want to continue to further the communication between students and the administration,” he said. “One of the main goals I want to … further is the student-to-administration communication, but also the administration-to-student communication … a lot of times students don’t hear where the administration is coming from and why.”

Forshee added that ASC and the administration cannot change things if students do not voice their opinions. He wants to encourage an open door policy for students to come to him with ideas for change or areas where they see Olivet excelling.

Jeremy Height
VP of Spiritual Life
Major: Intercultural studies

This is not junior Jeremy Heights’ first involvement with ASC; he has also been a class representative during his sophomore and junior years.

Height was interested in the position of VP for Spiritual Life because of his missionary background and his passion for helping others.

“One of the things that drew me to the position is being able to work with all the ministries and their team leaders,” he said. “They are doing such great work.”

After his undergrad career, Height plans to pursue a master’s degree at ONU and then work with urban ministries.

Bre Bambrick
VP of Student Relations
Major: Social Work

Sophomore Bre Bambrick will be going into her second year as VP for Student Relations. She is the oldest of four daughters and came to Olivet from Washington, Ill., a town about two hours south. She said next year she would like to use her position to make adjustments to improve student life on campus.

“Once you are in your second year, it’s your time to foster change,” she said. “I want to focus on encouraging club growth, getting more specific clubs to grow and more students interested.”

Bambrick said she’d also like to add more club sign-ups second semester, so transfer students would be able to get involved with campus activities more quickly.

Treavor Dodsworth
VP of Finance
Major: Accounting, Finance

Sophomore Treavor Dodsworth will be taking control of ASC’s funds next year as the VP of Finance.

“I’ll be keeping track of all the money that goes in and out of clubs,” he said. “If clubs need money, they come to me.”

Dodsworth came from a farming community in Colorado. He said that while he grew up Nazarene, he was drawn to Olivet’s campus because, “I wanted to go to a Christian school, and having [my] faith integrated into my studies was important.”

Since coming to Olivet, he has been involved in ASC as a class representative. He has also participated in MIA trips and has been involved in intramurals. This summer he plans to spend time working at a Christian camp.

Joe Schindel
VP of Social Life
Major: Computer Science, Business Administration
Junior Joe Schindel has served with ASC since his freshman year and will assume the position of VP of Social Life next fall. He has many goals for the upcoming year.

“I want to work with a lot of different departments to help them create big events. I want social life not to just be Ollies Follies, but what you do every weekend,” Schindel said.

In addition to events that have already been in place, Schindel and his team are working on an event for the opening of the new rec center on Dec. 12, 2012.

Madison Leeseberg
Major: Fashion Merchandising

Sophomore Madison Leeseberg will soon lead the ladies at Olivet as VP of Women’s Residential Life (WRL). She has been involved with ASC for the past two years as a class representative.

Leeseberg wants WRL’s theme next year to be clean water.

“Two years ago, Kayla [Rolling] had an overall theme of inner beauty … I want all our events to be water-oriented, going off the need for water in developing countries, and how God says He is our living water,” she said.

Additionally, Leeseberg wants to create events that combine other schools through retreats that involve Christian sororities.

Erinn Proehl
Major: Business Administration

Junior Erinn Proehl will be taking the position as VP of Men’s Residential Life (MRL) next year. His main goal is to connect the males on campus and bring them closer to Christ.

“I want to unite the men on campus so we can live up to the standard God has called us to be through accountability and building strong relationships,” he said.

One way Proehl plans to facilitate this is through creating a council of 50 guys to plan events and grow together in Christ.

“I want the council to be very diverse, with guys from lots of different majors, so we can have lots of different perspectives.”

Alex Ripberger
VP of Publicity
Major: Philosophy, Religion

Senior Alex Ripberger, current VP of MRL, will move to the position of VP of Publicity next year. He has big ideas for how to continue improving campus communication.

“I would like to see more videos used for publicizing, whether that be for events or ministries,” he said.

His other goals for the position include continuing to search for new and effective ways to get information into students’ hands.

Ripberger will be a fifth-year senior from Danville, Ill., and he brings a passion for creating videos to the position. Since coming to Olivet he has been involved in Ollies Follies, served as a resident assistant in Howe Hall and was the VP of MRL for two years.

Jenna Engelsen
Aurora Editor
Major: Psychology

One of the best parts about working for Aurora is that “it’s a fun and creative way to spend time with people, and you get this cool product at the end,” new Aurora Editor, junior Jenna Engelsen, said.

Engelsen has been involved with the yearbook since her sophomore year and was the assistant editor this past year.

“I loved my position as assistant editor this year,” she said. “Doing yearbook is a great way to meet people too.”

Meagan Ramsay
GlimmerGlass Editor
Major: Journalism

Junior Meagan Ramsay will take over production of the newspaper as GlimmerGlass Editor next fall.

Ramsay has held several positions on the GG staff over the last three years and plans to use her experience to continue to develop the paper.

“I’m hoping to create a larger online presence, through posting more stories online,” Ramsay said.

In addition, Ramsay hopes to maintain a large staff, a change that was implemented by current editor Cathy Schutt.

“I want to get more feedback from students as to what they would like to see in the paper.”

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