Housing facilities flip-flop

By Nicole Lafond

Due to a shortage of living space this year, Student Development has made changes to the gender placement of two housing facilities on campus.

For the 2012-2013 school year, the apartments on Bresee Avenue, which currently houses married couples, will become a men’s residential hall, while Howe Hall, which currently houses men, will be given to women.

Because there is more bed space available in men’s housing, giving Howe Hall to women will alleviate the unavailability of space that occurred last year in McClain Hall and is proposed to avoid any potential waiting list situations at the end of housing sign-ups this year, according to a document provided by the ONU housing department coordinator, Faith Newman.

Howe Hall will give women 26 two-person rooms. Returning the Bresee apartments to men will make up for the bed space taken from the men in Howe Hall. Bresee contains seven three-person apartments.

Although precautionary changes have been instilled, the housing department always anticipates a level of tightness, according to Donna McAllister, assistant dean of residential life.

“Our enrollment at ONU has remained steady; we always expect to be tight [with housing],” she said. “We just learn to work with it and plan ahead. We always find space.”

Regardless of the lack of space, McAllister believes keeping students living on campus is important to the university’s sense of community.

“Although ONU is growing … we would lose a sense of ourselves if we let students live off campus,” she said.

The tightness in housing availability is normal, but it is also normal for students to not return, she said.

Housing sign ups for the 2012-2013 school year are fast approaching. Honors housing applications will be available on March 26 and will be due on April 5. Summer housing applications will be available on that day as well. Those applications will be due on April 20.

Spring housing sign ups for the fall will be on April 20-23 and summer housing sign ups will take place on April 27.

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