The laughs keep on coming

(From left) Olivet alumni Scott Hale, Alex Green, Tyler Hall, Dustin Vanderhoof and senior Jonathan Shreves continue to perform clean improv comedy as members of Stealth Force Seven

By Hannah Rowen

Spoons 4 Forks strives to make students laugh. Stealth Force Seven strives to carry that laughter to the world.

Stealth Force Seven, a group of past and present members of Olivet’s improv comedy team, includes Olivet alumni Scott Hale, Alex Green, Dustin Vanderhoof, Tyler Hall, Charlie Leimann and current senior Jonathan Shreves. The team has shared their comedy nationwide during past year.

Stealth Force Seven (SF7) hopes to honor God in a secular world. The idea for the group was born a few years ago when the team members decided they did not want to stop performing improv comedy after graduation. They wanted to continue making people laugh.

“Everyone laughs! Humor is something that transcends culture, but we have always felt there is a better way to do humor than being inappropriate,” Shreves said.

“Our mission is based on being in the world but not of it. It is easy to get laughs for shock value, but it is work to make humor in a positive, God-honoring way. Some of the stuff people laugh at makes me sad. There are better ways to make a situation funny other than raunchy stuff.”

Shreves grew up performing in skits at his church and remembered thinking, “I wish this was useful in life; making people laugh is important enough to pay the rent.”

Spoons 4 Forks was an outlet for Shreves, and SF7 was born out of that same idea. For him, it is a dream come true.

Since SF7 began, the team has performed two shows, including the Eastern Michigan District’s “Celebrate Life,” an event in which Nazarene teens share their talents, Members of S47  also judged some drama, art, writing and video production at “Celebrate Life.”

They have produced seven podcasts featuring other S4F alumni and audio sketches that can be found online at or They also have a Facebook page called “Stealth Force Seven Improv Comedy.”

Shreves said the group eventually hopes to use other kinds of media. Group members to begin hosting improv clinics to help youth groups write curriculums to use in their own churches.

This summer SF7 will begin its first tour, traveling to at least seven churches throughout the Midwest, five of which are Nazarene. To pay for the tour, the group will accept donations online and either charges admission fees or work with each church to find another form of payment.

Though SF7 is similar to a business, Shreves does not view it that way.

“We are just a group of really good friends practicing Christ-honoring humor,” he said.

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