Students share campus humor through memes

One of the first ONU memes created, this post currently as more than 85 "likes" on the Facebook page.

By Luverta Reames

“Parking ticket from Public Safety. Parked at Walmart.”

That meme alone has received over 68 “likes” since it was first posted on Facebook’s “ONU Memes” page Feb. 20.

Junior Ethan Barse and sophomore Logan Smith, page owners and roommates, created the “ONU Memes” page Feb. 9 as a way for Olivet students to post funny and appropriate memes related to the University, and the site took off, generating 220 likes in less than 12 hours. Now they have more than 1,200 likes.

The roommates decided to make the site after Smith’s friend from the University of Michigan posted a link to a similar memes page for U of M.

“A bunch of schools have one and we thought it would be fun to make one for Olivet,” Long said.

On the “ONU Memes” page, students are able to post their own pictures and captions.

Many of the memes are generated from websites that have a database of pictures users can customize with their own captions. While many of the memes on the page are generated by other students, Long and Barse add their own memes that address whatever the student body is talking about.

“We make new pictures every once in a while,” Barse said There are only so many memes you can make about Olivet.”

While other schools’ meme pages may contain vulgar content, the roommates have not had any trouble keeping their page appropriate.

“There is an admin options [you can set on Facebook so] certain words and comments will be marked as spam and won’t show up,” Barse said.

The memes are receiving mixed reviews from students.

“Some of the memes are very clever, but others are stupid,” junior Rebah Seidler said. “People are so eager to jump on the bandwagon; they don’t even stop to learn what the intended purpose and pattern of each individual meme are.”

Despite a few misses, senior Destiny Zorman likes the memes.

“Some I feel are irrelevant, but the majority [of the memes] are funny because they are so true,” she said.


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