Applications for summer jobs available now

Senior Brock Johnson applies for a summer job on campus. Photo by Jamie Pickett.

By Hannah Rowen

Summer is remembered as the season of freedom, late nights, no homework and warm days. Yet, between internships and mission trips, the summer can be very busy. Some students spend their best summers at Olivet.

Classes and jobs are offered at the school during the summer, but there are still some differences between the summer and the regular semesters. Not all classes are offered and the jobs take a lot more work.

“Most jobs require full time hours and are with the Physical Plant arm of the University,” said Mary Anderson, director of Career Services. “These include cleaning, painting, and grounds work.”

Other summer jobs include working for admissions and the library, but they usually go to students who work during the academic year. “Many departments retain student employees from the previous academic year or hire new students who can work the next academic year,” Anderson said.

She added that students interested in spending the summer at Olivet should begin thinking now about where they want to work, as some jobs are already posted on the My Olivet portal.

“It is best to check every two to three days to avoid missing any opportunities,” she said.

Although the summer wage has not been set yet, it is usually slightly higher than the wage offered during the school year.

While working or taking summer classes, students may still live on campus, but for a higher price.

Rooms for the upcoming summer cost $68 per week for students taking classes or working part time, according to Marlin Wallace, director of Student Accounts. Fulltime workers may stay on campus for $32 per week.

This summer all residents will live in the Grand apartments.

“Summer housing was fun,” junior Michael Kilcran said. “There were no super strict rules about anything, and living with friends was fun.”

Though Michael enjoyed living at Olivet during the summer, his job was not as exciting.

“I like my custodial job better now because it is less demanding,” he said. “I had to work weekends and overtime was required in the summer.”

Students who have spent a summer on campus have advice for others who want to stay at Olivet over break. “Those interested in getting a summer job at ONU should make sure they room with people they enjoy,” sophomore Heather Terpenning said. “Stay busy with classes or a hobby, and don’t eat Taco Bell and Little Caesars every night.”

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