CHG Re-creates “The Academy”

By Jenny White

Capitol Hill Gang brings back The Academy, a discussion-based philosophy club on Olivet’s campus, meeting Tuesday nights in Burke.

Capitol Hill Gang (CHG) recently created The Academy, a philosophy club that is an extension of Capitol Hill Gang.

The name was taken from an ONU club from about 10 years ago, said sophomore Academy member Logan Long.

The Academy was re-established for members of CHG that are interested in philosophy, and also seeks to address the philosophical nature of politics.

Current CHG members Ryan Dykhouse, Matt Van Dyke, Matt Logan, Rick Briggs and Logan Long spearheaded the group.

The members believe it will be easy to gain visibility since The Academy is not a new club, but rather an extension of CHG.

“[Routing The Academy through CHG] solves the problems that tend to kill philosophy clubs,” Long said. “It was relatively painless to start up, since technically we are a branch of CHG and not just a new club.”

The purpose of the club is to broaden the way individuals view various aspects of the world, according to Academy member Matt Logan.

“We wanted to teach people how to formulate an argument, to think linearly and to value deep thinking,” Long said.

Issues of free will and determinism were discussed at the first meeting of The Academy, which took place Tuesday, Feb 28. The meeting was considered by members to be quite successful.

“We recognized that society influences one’s psychological state of mind and limits the ability to make use of one’s freedom,” Academy member Rick Briggs said.

Because the nature of free will is so complex, Academy members plan to continue the discussion in the weeks to come.

“There has been much philosophical debate about what free will actually is throughout history, which is largely why the problem of free will is rather unresolved still,” Long said.

Although The Academy is an arm of CHG, anyone is invited to attend. The Academy meets every Tuesday at 9 p.m. in Burke 307.

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