Dear in the Headlights: Tweet-le Dumb

By Jimmy Phillips

An adorable little bunny taught me that if I can’t say anything nice, then I ought not to say anything at all. I would like to apply that lesson to online social media.

While there are other outlets on the Web, I want to focus this piece on Twitter and Olivet Chapel tweets.

People have defended the outspoken while others have stopped short of condemning them to hell for their harsh language. The negative nancies retort that all the Christians on this campus are hypocritical, so they should just be quiet. It is really juvenile. If I am being honest, I fall on the side of the people who are sick of the mean chapel Tweeting, but not for the usual reasons.

First of all, I understand not everybody here loves Jesus. Yes, this is a religious school, but we don’t all claim Christ as our Savior. I do, but that doesn’t mean my neighbor does. But the whining about having to go to chapel is old. You chose to come here, so stop the bellyaching. If you don’t like Jesus and chapel, go somewhere else. If mommy and daddy are forcing you to go here, they are probably also paying for it, so do us all a favor and be silent.

I also noticed a number of the haters seem to be religion majors. I don’t mean to rag on future men and women of the cloth. I would like to point out, however, that, having read some of those Tweets, I would likely not attend some of your churches. If you disagree with the theology, take it up with the chaplain or the theology department. Don’t be a coward and moan about it on Twitter.

Here is my last complaint, and I think the one with the most validity. Olivet is a school that provides an “education with a Christian purpose,” but they are not holding up the “education” part if people are stupid enough to gripe about chapel and then link it so everyone and their mom can read it. Seriously. Complaining about Olivet and tagging it in your post is about the dumbest thing I’ve heard. At least be creative and make the tag something like “#930naptime.”

I think this speaks to a problem deeper than 140 characters. There are students on this campus with serious authority issues. They don’t like the idea of people telling them what to do. Too bad. That’s life. Grow up a little and realize you are nearly a real-world adult. Somebody will always be your superior unless you manage to get God’s job should He retire (and I don’t see that happening).

Using the Internet to denigrate others is a sign of immaturity, insecurity and unintelligence, so do us all a favor and act your age. Besides, bluebirds tweet pretty songs, not ugly slander.

Please, #shutup

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