TCW gets pinned

By Nicole Lafond

Tiger Championship Wrestling (TCW) got taken down for the second year in a row.

Following the cancellation of TCW last year, Men’s Residential Life (MRL) worked hard to promote the event this year, only to have to cancel again due to a lack of interest from men on campus.

TCW is an event put on by MRL every year. Several men on campus were involved in putting on the show of different stories and characters, performed inside the wrestling ring.

The event was cancelled last year because there were not enough men willing to participate, according to senior Alex Ripberger, VP for MRL.

Because the event was cancelled last year, MRL worked to bring awareness to the event this year. All of the “Manvember” events were geared towards promoting MRL to get more people involved in TCW when it came around.

“We really wanted to correct this from last year,” Ripberger said.

Ripberger and his MRL committee sent out e-mails, made posters and had an informational meeting about TCW. Ten male students showed up to the meeting, but few followed through by coming to practice.

“The event was cancelled this year for the same reason [as last year]; we only had four guys come out. TCW takes a lot of commitment, and we just weren’t getting that from the guys,” Ripberger said.

It costs too much money to put the show on, and MRL did not want to put in a lot of money and time if it was not going to be a good show, he said. “We didn’t want to waste people’s time.”

Although disappointed, Ripberger is also accepting of the second cancellation.

“It may just be time to move on and create a new event that guys will be interested in,” he said.

At the time, MRL is in discussion about what the new event will be; however, no information could be disclosed on this topic. Ripberger remains hopeful that the event could potentially come back, but said, “There is a need for change.”

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