GG staff has success at state conference

(Left to right) Morgan McCririe, GJ Frye, Luverta Reames, Jake Neuman, Jenny White, Autumn Keiss, Cathy Schutt and Nicole Lafond hold their awards after the ICPA luncheon. The staff won seven awards this year from various categories.

By Cathy Schutt

The GlimmerGlass staff received seven awards at a state newspaper competition last weekend.

Each year, the Illinois College Press Association (ICPA) hosts a conference at the DoubleTree Hotel on Ohio Street in downtown Chicago. Illinois college students who work for their university newspaper are invited to attend.

This year, student journalists from 35 schools, including state and private universities, gathered at the DoubleTree on Feb. 17 and 18 to learn more about their craft.

Eight Olivet students attended the conference this year representing the GlimmerGlass.

Back in December, members of the GlimmerGlass editorial staff spent time perusing the past year’s newspapers and selecting entries to submit to the contest. Entry categories ranged from “Front Page Layout” to “News Story” to “Headline Writing.”

The GlimmerGlass submitted entries in 26 categories this year, and it paid off. The staff won seven awards total, including one first-place plaque.

Junior Rachel Kearney earned three of these awards, placing first in “Sports Page Design” and earning honorable mentions in “Sports Column” and “In-Depth Reporting.”

“I was really surprised,” she said after the conference. “I feel like everything we do here is a team effort, so [these awards] reflect the entire newspaper staff and the journalism department as a whole.”

In addition to Kearney’s accolades, junior Dianna Wood took third place for “Feature Photo.” Senior Cathy Schutt, junior Morgan McCririe and 2008 grad Levi Barse contributed to a fall concert photo spread, winning an honorable mention in the “Photo Essay” category.

For the first time in several years, Olivet students placed in two of these open categories. Senior Stephanie Williams won an honorable mention for “Editorial Cartoon,” and sophomore Cameron Carpenter took second place in “Critical Review (Film).”

Carpenter was particularly surprised at receiving this award, as he had only written for the paper once last semester.

“I’m admittedly shocked and greatly honored, and I thank the GlimmerGlass staff for allowing me the opportunity to write for their newspaper,” he said.

McCririe, a staff photographer for the GlimmerGlass, also participated in the “Shoot Chicago” photo contest while at the ICPA conference last weekend, along with about 20 other students from different schools.

Each year, the contest judges choose a different theme; this year’s theme was “Invisible Chicago.” The students had a little less than three hours to scour the city in search of the one image that best exemplified this theme.

After shooting a variety of subjects, McCririe decided which photo she would submit: a shot of a homeless man she had met and befriended during her search.

GlimmerGlass adviser Thalyta Swanepoel said she is very proud of what the staff has accomplished so far this year and attributed its success to the hard work of all its members.

“We have a consistently good performance,” she said. “The fact that the GlimmerGlass consistently performs well when compared to other papers at secular as well as Christian universities says a lot about the quality of the paper as well as the staff.”

Following the conference, she told the GlimmerGlass team, “You have proven yet again that the GlimmerGlass is a publication to be reckoned with.”

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