ONU Marching Band Dreams

By Ashley Sarver

Last weekend, the marching band presented this year’s Band Winter Showcase (BWS) entitled “Dreamt,” in Kresge auditorium.

BWS is a show put on by the marching band, sponsored its leadership.

“It’s funny, dramatic, hilarious and crazy, all at the same time.” said junior Joy Matthews, VP of the band council.

As the curtain opened for each of the four shows, a combination of sounds from “Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Gustav Holst’s “Mars,” greeted the audience.

Senior Patrick Wright conducted and arranged the opening piece, which was, called “Rainbow Over Mars.” The opening introduced the story told by the show, as one of the characters fell asleep, and the audience followed her through her dreams.

The dream wound through a cantina, a jungle and a city in ruins. Saxophones played the “Mission Impossible” theme song as the dreamer tried to escape from the law, and came across a satirical portrayal of “My Heart Will Go On” from “Titanic”.

The show, which consisted of many different acts, took a lot of energy to put together.

“There were a lot of long nights, almost for the entire marching band,” said junior Zachary Kohlmeier, president of the band council. “Joy Matthews helped keep me sane. We would decide who would do the drill, put up practices and who would be on stage.”

Despite all the work, Matthews is proud of what the band accomplished.

“It’s really rewarding to see everything come together,” she said.

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