M.E.R.C. helps bring awareness of Black History month

By Justine Espersen

In honor of Black History Month, Olivet’s Multi-Ethnic Relations Club (M.E.R.C.) is hosting several on-campus events, with the goal of raising awareness of black history, and talking about it, said senior G.E. Bennett, M.E.R.C. president.

To kick-start awareness, M.E.R.C. will put posters around campus that display historical figures and honor their accomplishments. A display case in the library will also honor different individuals, so students can better relate to history.

“My hope for everything that we’re doing is to build emotions, to look at it and have a relatable influence that impacts them,” Bennett said.

The club will also sponsor a showing of the 2011 film, “The Help,” a movie about an author who writes a book from the point of view of African Americans who work in the homes of wealthy white families, in Wisner at 3 and 7 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 18.

“Chaplain Holcomb, Nancy Bretzlaff [club’s adviser] and I chose this movie because it’s a powerful story to show, especially during Black History month,” Bennett said. “I think a lot of people can learn from it; let it be a challenge for them.”

But the club’s role at Olivet is not to just raise awareness of black history; about it is focused on the unity of all races.

“As a club, our aim is to spread diversity around campus; to incorporate everyone from different ethnical backgrounds,” said junior Torraine Hoover, M.E.R.C. vice president.

For additional information about M.E.R.C. events, contact G.E. Bennett at gebennett@live.olivet.edu.

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