Students welcome winter weather

Despite recent snowfall, the weather is warm once again after a thunderstorm hit Bourbonnais Sunday night. Photo by Morgan McCririe.

By Morgan McCririe

The weather this winter has been far from typical.

The average daily high for Chicago during January, the coolest month of the year, is 31 degrees Fahrenheit, according to This January, however, has been much different.

With more than half of this month’s temperatures in the 40s and higher, students have been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather this January.

The recent snowfall on Jan. 12 and Jan. 20 has caused mixed feelings among students.

Junior Sean Ports was not pleased when he looked outside.

“When I woke up and it was snowing I was like, ‘Really?’” he said.

Other students wished the snow had come a month earlier.

“I would have preferred snow on Christmas, but now I don’t mind if there isn’t any,” sophomore Melanie Breunig said.

Still other students welcomed the snow.

Appropriately, junior Lauren Winters’ favorite season is winter. She said she likes how the snow makes it feel like winter now and how it “dresses everything up.”

The weather has been following a La Niña pattern, according to communication professor and ABC 7 Chicago meteorologist Mark Bishop.

“La Niña episodes change global weather patterns and are associated with less moisture in the air over cooler ocean waters,” according to

He added that, although the weather is not easily predictable, he would not rule out more stretches of warmer days. With this weather pattern, fluctuations between cold and mild weather can be expected, he said.

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