Mr. ONU’s ‘un-superheroes’ prepare for competition

Junior Matt Wilson, senior Michael Bishop, senior Jacob Naldi and sophomore Kyle Miller practice their dance routine in upstairs Birchard. Photo by GJ Frye.

Kyle Miller wakes up early every morning so he can spend half an hour lying in the snow in order to better “adapt to his environment,” and during the day he practices waddling and sliding on his stomach.

The sophomore is representing Penguin Man in WRL’s “un-superhero” themed Mr. ONU competition.

“Un-superheroes are like the superheroes that didn’t make the cut,” explained Karyn Nichols, VP for Women’s Residential Life.

The un-superheroes will be put to the test Saturday, Jan. 28, at 7 p.m. in Chalfant.

The WRL council chose the show’s theme in November. They then e-mailed ballots to the student body, asking them to vote for two men to represent each class in the competition.

After the voting was complete, the chosen candidates decided on their un-superheroes, each possessing a unique personality and talent.
Since then, the guys have started taking on the persona of their un-superhero to prepare for the show.

While Miller is waddling to prepare for his part, freshman Derek Schwartz is napping.

Schwartz’s un-superhero is Captain Copy Cat. To better understand his character, Schwartz sleeps between classes and stays in bed past noon on weekends.

“I feel like I have been really pushing the limits and knocking down walls in the whole Mr. ONU process,” Schwartz said about his training. “I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but nobody will be the same after what happens at Mr. ONU this year.”

He warned students to be prepared for the “Best in Shorts” portion of the competition, in which the men model attire for the crowd.

“Let’s just say, Captain Copy Cat’s legs can replicate perfectly the brightness of a full moon,” he said.

Junior Matt Wilson’s preparations are similar to Schwartz’s. His un-superhero is Manly Man Man Man.

To become manlier, he began a strict sleeping and eating schedule. He also started doing push-ups to Nick Lachey’s “SoulO” album every morning.

Senior Michael Bishop, another competitor, has been a Superman fan for years and modeled his un-superhero after the D.C. Comics legend. Bishop is Mighty Man in the Mr. ONU competition.

“My focus is not on winning the event, but on enjoying the process and the time spent with the people involved,” he said.

Bishop enjoyed the process by creating a back-story for his un-superhero.

One little known fact, he mentioned, is that the WRL council spent almost its whole annual budget to purchase a vat of chemicals. Each of the contestants was then submerged into that vat in order to give them superpowers for the show.

“It worked well, but someone in the biology department mistook it for the turtle tub and dumped four turtles in the vat,” Bishop said. “Ever since we have been hearing about tryouts for some mutant turtle organization in the underground conduits around campus.”

The other Mr. ONU competitors are senior Jacob Naldi, junior Jeremy Height, sophomore Brandon Klemm and freshman Tyler Abraham, whose un-superhero identities will be revealed at the competition Saturday night.

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