Senior wins big on game show

By Luverta Reames

Christian Hall, a senior Olivet student, competed on “Wheel of Fortune” and won over $8,000.

Her journey to fame and fortune began in January, when she signed up with her dad on the show’s website to be a contestant.

Hall wasn’t really expecting to audition, but in May she received an e-mail asking her to do just that.

“I thought ‘No way,’ Hall said. “I called my parents and said, ‘You will never believe what happened to me.’ My mom thought it was a hoax.”

Hall traveled to Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles three weeks later to audition with 70 people in the ballroom of the Palmer House, a Hilton Hotel.

After the first round of auditions, Hall took a written test and thought she answered about half of the questions correctly.

“‘Well,’ I thought ‘at least I tried,’” she said.

Despite her concerns, Hall was not one of the 50 people cut after the written tests were graded, which came as a surprise.

“I felt like there were people that were much better than me,” Hall said. “One person was a teacher. [Another] guy said, ‘If you put me on “Wheel of Fortune,” I’m going to propose to my girlfriend.’ I thought they had better stories than I did.”

Hall continued through the audition process, including a few practice rounds at the wheel, and within a month she received a letter.

She had been chosen to compete.

“I didn’t believe it, because I did not think I had done as well as everyone else [who auditioned],” she said.

Hall and her family travelled to Los Angeles for the show, which filmed July 13 and aired Oct. 28. While on the show, Hall won the $1,000 toss-up round and the jackpot. The category for the toss-up was “Food and Drink,” to which Hall immediately knew the answer – “candy corn.”

The jackpot round category was “Quotation.” After her opponents faltered at the beginning of the round, Christian solved the puzzle with “it was a dark and stormy night” for $7,650.

Though she did not win the game, Hall took home a sizeable amount with $8,650. She has not received the money yet, but plans to tithe, pay bills and shop.

“I feel like I gained more confidence after seeing myself on television. It gave me confidence that I can do anything I wanted to,” Hall said.

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