Boys become knights

David Timm

After a grizzly month of exercises in masculinity, “Manvember” has come to an end.

The month-long event put on by Men’s Residential Life (MRL), finished with a large event simply titled the Tournament.

Approximately 100 people attended the medieval-themed affair, which was held in Birchard Gymnasium.

The competition featured a hot wings eating competition, long board jousting, archery, chess, swordplay, arm wrestling and tug-of-war.

The winners of each event were awarded “man points,” and the man with the most points, freshman Drew Frey, won a 40-inch TV, the ultimate “Manvember” prize.

Frey had 290 points, collected from being on the winning team at the dodge ball tournament, being the last man standing in juggernaut, completing his “man card” and participating in all events at the Tournament.

“I had a great time doing a lot of things that I don’t do everyday and had a good excuse to do them,” Frey said. “I could grow out my patchy beard and say, ‘yeah I know it looks awful, but it’s for a school event.’”

Frey thought Manvember achieved VP of MRL Alex Ripberger’s goal of creating unity among the men of Olivet.

“I loved Manvember. It forced me to get out and participate in events with other guys,” Frey said. “Who doesn’t like playing dodgeball [and] “Call of Duty,” squirting people with squirt guns and having swordfights?”

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