Sax and superhero steal the show

Sophomore Logan Smiths Iron Man cosume wins the "singles' costume award and overall best costume at the Cand Costume Fest Saturday night. Photo by Ethan Barse.

By Heather Mead

Music played by Olivet’s jazz band resonated throughout Chalfant as students gathered for Olivet’s annual Halloween celebration, the Candy Costume Fest.

The costumes ranged from the classics, such as cowboys, Indians and Disney princesses, to more wacky costumes such as “Pontius the Pilot,” peanut butter and jelly, a set of car fresheners, a road trip and Taco Bell sauce packets.

But at the end of the night, after the music and applause had died down and the popcorn was finished, people had one on question: How on earth did they come up with that?

Sophomore Logan Smith won both the “singles” and overall competition with his Iron Man costume.

“I just liked Iron Man since I saw the first movie,” Smith said.He made his costume himself using 3D models he found online.

“I entered last year [as someone from the Halo game] and I really hoped I could win,” he explained. “This year I wanted to make something that was better.”

Sarah Zelhart and Christina Lindsay, both seniors, won in the “pairs” category dressed respectively as a Public Safety officer and a parking ticket.

A rendition of the film “Titanic” took home the prize for the “small group” category (for groups of three to seven people). The group consisted of Jack, Rose, dolphins and an iceberg.

“We had a bunch of friends that wanted to do something funny,” said sophomore Josh Parker, the iceberg.

Parker said they got the idea while listening to Celine Dion on a car ride to campus from church.

The Parrott RD and RAs won the “medium group” category (for eight to 14 people).

They dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

“[We entered] because [the RAs’] beards are hilarious,” said Kati Downs, Snow White and Parrott RD.

The large groups, consisting of 15 or more people, took the stage last. Only two groups entered this year: the “Olibeetians” and characters from the movie “Despicable Me.”

The “Olibeetians” consisted of two beekeepers and plays on different bee names, such as the “Spelling Bee,” “Zombee,” “Barbee,” “Babee” and “Vitamin Bee.”

Despite the variety of bees, “Despicable Me” took the large group title.

“We thought of it last year when we were obsessed with the movie,” said sophomore Annie Brandes, who was dressed as Edith.

But the costume that captivated the audience’s attention was not a category winner.  Instead he was chosen as the wild card: the “Sexy Sax Man.”

The wild card entered the “singles” category, playing his saxophone across the stage. He also played while the judges chose the winner of each category.

A YouTube video called “Sexy Sax Man” gave junior Lucas Sanor the idea for his costume.

“I wanted to give Iron Man a run for his money,” Sanor said.

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