November belongs to the men

Twenty-two teams of six men each compete in MRL’s Costume Dodgeball Tournament Nov. 5. Photo by GJ Frye.

By David Timm

November is now “Manvember,” otherwise known as the month of the beard.

This month Men’s Residential Life is putting on several large events specifically designed for the men of Olivet.

Besides unshaven faces, Manvember has already featured a dodgeball tournament and a “guys night,” complete with video games, root beer pong and cards.

A meeting for Tiger Championship Wrestling will take place Dec. 1 and a capstone Tournament event is scheduled for Dec. 2.

This week’s highlighted even is a game called Juggernaut.

Juggernaut brings a whole new level of paranoia to Olivet: Every man participating is assigned a target, and has to eliminate that person by shooting him with a squirt gun, while trying to avoid being eliminated himself.

Alex Ripberger, VP of MRL, said around 60 men are participating in this event, which runs from Nov. 15 to Nov. 19.

As with all other events during Manvember, “man points” will be awarded for the game. “Man points” can be earned by completing the tasks written on the “man cards” passed out at the beginning of the month or by doing well in other activities of Manvember.

For instance, in Juggernaut, the last man standing, the person with the most eliminations and the top 10 survivors will receive points.

During the Tournament at the end of Manvember, MRL will crown the man with the most “man points” king, and award him with an iPad 2 and other prizes.

Ripberger encourages those participating in Juggernaut “to be a man about it” and to be on the honor system when it comes to game play. He also hopes the men will be creative and sneaky about their strategy. MRL’s Facebook page will feature any eliminations that are caught on camera, and points will be awarded for the most ingenious one.

Some students are ready to start playing.

“I’m excited for it; it’s all about the chase,” sophomore Brandon Klemm said. “ I feel like Jason Bourne.”

Sophomore Trent Moberly said, “I’m excited to play Assassin’s Creed in real life.”

Ripberger thinks the stress level on campus among guys will be higher during Juggernaut than during finals, because “everyone is going to be on such a high paranoia level.”

That paranoia may help Manvember achieve its ultimate goal: unity among the men on campus.

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