Light in your loafers

By Jimmy Phillips

Sexism is a bad thing. We all know that, but so is the indiscriminate blurring of the gender lines. In today’s society, women are pressured all the time to be more and more like men. This is not kosher. According to the Bible, we are to live counter-culturally, meaning, rather than women living more as men, men must live more as women.

When I arrived at this conclusion, I became very giddy. Now, I will be able to breastfeed my children. I can relax and sit down every time I use the bathroom. I can eat when I am happy and eat when I am sad. I now have an excuse for poor driving. Being more feminine will be so wonderful.

Think about it, boys. Forget bringing home the bacon; now we only have to cook and eat it. We can wear dresses and skirts and have a nice little breeze in our nethers. Dancing became a lot more interesting, too. Imagine having the hips of Shakira. I daresay nothing is better. Forget the protein supplement; I am adding estrogen to my water.

Does that sound at all silly to you? I hope it does. It disappoints me to say that by now I have lost my faith in the vast majority of you to understand sarcasm. A summer dress code is stupid, Steve Jobs was not the second coming of Christ and chapel is one of the best parts of this school. Suffice it to say,

I think this talk about social gender reassignment to be slightly obnoxious.

God made man and he made woman. He used two different words for them because, guess what? They are two different things. He made men to lead and women to follow (so long as the man is leading toward God). That does not mean women belong in the kitchen and men must pick up heavy things and play contact sports. It does mean that men and women have unique roles to play in society and in the context of relationships.

If you really think men and women are equal, please never reproduce. Men can grow hair on their chests. Women can accessorize with pretty things. We are biologically and psychologically designed to fulfill different roles. Get off your politically correct high horse and embrace that which God has created.

Women deserve the best treatment imaginable at the hands of a man. Men deserve a woman who will fulfill her Biblical role in a marriage and love them when they fail to understand her complicated emotional needs. That is just the way it is. End of discussion.

Please, do as you’re told.

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  1. Could I possibly be pointed to where gender roles are delineated? They are certainly not biological. It would also be helpful for a definitive list of these “biologically and psychologically designed” gender roles. A certain view has been taken by Simone de Beauvoir, not to mention Judith Butler, one of gender fairness. This postulate clearly reinforces that gender, possibly biological sex as well, is a mere socially construction. Through performative repetition and conditioning, gender is formed merely as a hegemonic illusion. While I could drum on concerning the androgyny of humanity, there is a more horrific proposal within the article: this “He made men to lead and women to follow” rhetoric. Later in the article, the writer propositions that “[w]omen deserve the best treatment imaginable at the hands of a man.” Concordantly, “at the hands of men” implies power. Within this patriarchal power structure, as kind as it may appear to be, it is certainly impossible for women to obtain fairness. This sort of striation and hierarchy of power, as it relates to gender, privileges the “male” and all social actions and identities there implied. I would hope that breaking free of social, even biblical, normative construals leads to a conclusion of inclusiveness, not a mindless acceptance of seeming differences in humanity.

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