Free pancakes attract flood of students

By Justine Espersen

Lines of hungry students stretched from the entrance of Ludwig all the way to Benner Library and from the entrance to the street on the opposite side of Ludwig.

Hosted by the ONU Alumni Board of Directors, students feasted on pancakes, eggs, sausage and hash browns Thursday, Nov. 10, at 11 p.m.

The average wait time was 45 minutes since the alumni were new to serving food to ravenous Olivet students; however, the long wait didn’t stop students from enjoying their late-night meal.

“The wait was a bit anti-climatic, because it was just normal Sodexo stuff at an unexpected time of day,” sophomore Staci Bradbury said. “But the food was delicious.”

Before their meal, students were greeted by alumni, including University President John Bowling, which excited many.

“It was a big turnout and it wasn’t just for pancakes, it was for laying off steam from studying and the stress of classes,” junior Sarah Rouse said. “I even got to talk to Dr. Bowling. It was a pleasant surprise.”

Crowds of happy and relaxed students conversed throughout the dining hall, willing to wait in the long lines as they had a chance to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

“There was a sense of fellowship and college togetherness,” freshman Nick Allen said. “It’s nice to see how we can all come together for a simple cause, such as pancakes.”

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