Factor God into your financial future

By Erinn Proehl

It’s time to give.

Most college students consider themselves adults. As adults, they expect all the rights and benefits that come with adulthood.

But “with great power comes great responsibility,” as Spiderman once said.

One responsibility students like to brush under the rug is tithing. Tithing is not just a norm in the church. It is not something we do, “just because.” Tithing is commanded by God in Scripture, specifically Deuteronomy 14:22.

If you don’t think this applies to you because you do not have a job, wait just one minute. You can still tithe, and do it in creative ways. Possibly give up that

Common Grounds coffee once a week, or your midnight Taco Bell run.

Take into account how Jesus blessed a widow for giving just two coins, which was all the money she had. Though she did not have much, she gave all she had to God.

Just because we are young adults does not mean we can be non-tithing adults. Not only are we expected to tithe, the church needs our tithe. With the recent economic downturns, church tithing has significantly decreased. As a result, the church has been de-commissioning missionaries in droves, closing churches and going further into debt. Now is our time to rise up and give.

Tithing benefits many people. The first is the financial benefit of the church. The price of a church is not small. The pastor, the mortgage and operational costs must be paid.

If you are in a denominational church, the church needs to pay for church plants, district camps, international evangelism and denominational universities like Olivet. With every dollar you tithe, the church is able to meet its obligations.

Another benefit to tithing is that it shows God is first in your life. Tithing is an act of obedience. We should not give God 10 percent of our disposable income, after bills and expenses are paid. We should give Him 10 percent first and then pay debts and expenses.

I am by no means the perfect example when it comes to tithing, but I try to be consistent. Though you might not be sure if God really meant 10 percent or if you can afford to tithe, remember what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 8:12: “Whatever you give is acceptable if you give it eagerly. And give according to what you have, not what you don’t have.”

Let us be a giving church so more churches can be planted, the hungry can be fed and lives can be changed. And let’s not wait 10 years to do it.


  1. Okay, let’s look at Deut. 14:22-29. Do you comply with these commands?

    If you read the scriptures, you will find that the tithe was eaten. In Deut. 14:22-27 the tithe was eaten BY THE TITHER and his household. Every three years, the tithe was eaten by the poor (Deut. 14:28-29).

    You will find no mention of anyone tithing money, or even tithing on their income. The tithes commanded by God ALWAYS came from His increase of food from crops and animals.

    Either follow God’s Word, or don’t. But don’t try to fool anyone that you are following any of God’s tithing commands because you aren’t.

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