Chapel attracts concerts with ‘bigger presence’

By Jordan Lewis

With the addition of Centennial Chapel, Olivet has become a hot spot for more high profile performances.

Although Olivet is not hosting more concerts than in previous years, the addition of the chapel provides a larger venue to attract more popular performers.

“The chapel affords us a bigger presence than before,” said Justin Knight, general manager of Shine.FM.

This fall Olivet already hosted a Switchfoot and Anberlin concert, and later this month the chapel will host the Gaither Vocal Band during Homecoming weekend on Nov. 12 and Chris Tomlin on Nov. 16.

But with more seats available also comes the need to fill them. According to Knight, the Matthew West concert that was scheduled for Oct. 23 was postponed due to low ticket sales.

Knight said it would reflect badly on the school and the band playing if ticket sales are too low.

“Fortunately we have a great relationship with Matthew West and may be able to reschedule,” Knight said. Shine.FM is looking into hosting the Matthew

West Christmas Tour instead, he added.

Not only does the chapel allow for more big name concerts, but it also provides additional revenue for the school.

“[The money from the tickets] goes into the operations of the radio station, which is one with Olivet,” Knight said. “The station is Olivet, owned by Olivet. At the end of the year if we have made $100,000 it all goes into students’ scholarships.”

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