Olivet’s ‘Hub’ of information gets a new look

Junior Jordan Hansen edits video and audio footage in the Hub. The two videos the group produces are “Smitty.0” and “The Hub.” Photo by GJ Frye

By Jordan Lewis

The Hub is a new campus group changing the way information is distributed to students through multimedia tools.

Changes in distributing information include converting Tiger Talk to Tiger Txt, the “Life at Olivet” Facebook page, and new informational videos known as “The Hub” and “Smitty.0.”

Each of these media serves a different purpose.

Tiger Txt is a one-page flier that students receive every other week as they are leaving chapel. It includes several 160-character blurbs about upcoming events on campus and is used to get information in the hands of students quickly.

Last year, announcements were sent to students in an email called Tiger Talk. But very few students actually read the emails, according to the Hub’s student marketing coordinator Brent Brooks.

The two videos, “Smitty.0” and “The Hub,” act as exciting and humorous ways to keep students informed.

Kathy Steinacker, Associate Dean for Community Life, and her husband Matt, Technical Cordinator in ONU’s media department, proposed the idea for “Smitty.0” as a way of using YouTube videos to create humorous announcements, according to Matt Smith, Director of Campus Recreation.

Earlier this semester, the videos were shown before chapel to announce upcoming events on campus. The episodes typically derive ideas from YouTube videos and are filmed by the Hub team.

“The purpose of the videos is to keep students informed in an entertaining way,” Brooks said.

Smith said “Smitty.0” and “The Hub” videos would be featured on the “Life at Olivet” Facebook page from now on.

“We are really trying to make ‘Life at Olivet’ a place for students to get information,” he added.

“The Hub” episodes are designed to entertain and inform. The humor of “The Hub” is similar to that of “The Office” or “Saturday Night Live.”

Brooks often recruits students to participate in filming the episodes and feels that the more people involved in creating “The Hub,” the better each video will be.

Brooks and the Hub team believe the changes allow more students to get involved in spreading information around campus, and as a result, build a greater sense of community.

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