Big sister meets little sister

Senior Kelsea Beville (left) is excited to meet her little sister, Sydney Edwards. Photo by Dianna Wood

By Luverta Reames

Sixty-seven freshmen girls got a big sister last Thursday.

Sister 2 Sister, a mentorship program led by Women’s Residential Life (WRL), held their kickoff party Sept. 22, in the College Church Christian Life Center. The program provides freshmen with the opportunity to have a “big sister” to make their first year easier and more enjoyable.

During the kick-off party, big sisters stood on one side of the room holding up signs with their little sister’s name on them. After the little sisters found their big sisters, refreshments were served and the sisters sat at tables getting to know each other.

“I had little conversation starters but they didn’t need them,” said Karyn Nichols, VP of WRL.

The games began after refreshments. The sisters had a three-legged race and played balloon games. T-shirts from previous years were given as door prizes.

Anticipation for this event began a few weeks ago, when upperclass and freshmen girls could apply for a sister through WRL.

Once all the applications were in, Nichols paired each little sister with a big sister who had similar interests or the same major.

Junior Paula Saewert and freshman Jacqueline Fayne are both on Olivet’s track team, while sophomore Emily Picklesimer and freshman Christina Di Monte both share a love of horses.

Nichols’ focus is on community. She wants to create a bond for women through events that promote relationships.

Senior Christina Fiehn’s mission as a big sister is to give support like her sister did.

“I like that I am able to bond with a freshman and help bring encouragement. I would like to pour into someone else’s life like my sister did for me,” Fiehn said.

Picklesimer never had a little sister before, so this was especially exciting for her.

“I hope to get a really good relationship from this and someone I can grow with in my faith through accountability. I hope I can be someone [my little sister] could look up to eventually,” she said.

Some big sisters are still looking for the opportunity Picklesimer has – to have an impact on their little sisters. If interested, freshmen can apply to be a little sister by emailing Karyn Nichols at or visiting the ASC office in lower Ludwig.

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