Keeping Olivet laughing

Senior Jonathan Shreves and junior Eric Harmon play games to amuse the audience.

By Justine Espersen

Almost the entire floor of Kresge Auditorium was filled with students in anticipation for the Spoons 4 Forks premiere show.

Olivet’s “very own improv-comedy” began their new season on Saturday, Sept. 17.

The show began with a video of the cast members being called in by their “chief” for a new show.

It was like watching a 2011 version of “The Power Rangers.” The cast members were fighting and running through obstacles trying to get to their comedy show in time.

At the end of the video the cast morphed into their Spoons 4 Forks T-shirts, ready to start the show.

The show just got better from there.

“It was fantastic. It was better than last year’s shows; I almost cried laughing,” sophomore Alex Pollock said.

“It was hilarious and the group is crazy creative,” sophomore Stephanie Jansma agreed.

The 10 improv skits included a great deal of audience participation.

At the ticket booth prior to the show students wrote a word or phrase, which had the chance to be used in the “Drop a Line” skit.

In the skit, cast members acted out a scene involving an invisible prop suggested by the audience. In this case, it was Abe Lincoln.   The cast acted out a scene involving Lincoln.

Throughout the skit a cast member randomly picked up one of the lines and “dropped it” into the conversation.

One of the lines was “shut up and touch the monkey,” which was followed by a roar of laughter.

The show included nine other skits. Audience favorites were “Countdown,” “Sound Effects” and “Chain Death Murder.” Viewers may not have enjoyed every skit, but the variety provided something for everyone.

Junior Matt Wilson leads the Spoons 4 Forks team this year. Other members include juniors Eric Harmon, Becca Yates and Freya Patrick and senior Jonathan Shreves.

Three new students were added on to the comedy group after tryouts on Sunday, Sept. 18.

Matthew Jones, Shayla Hancock and Lucas Fain will be in the next Spoons 4 Forks show on Saturday, Oct. 29, from 9 to 10 p.m. in Wisner Auditorium.

To see videos of Spoons 4 Forks, visit their Facebook page or

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