Restaurant review: Doctor Donuts

Doctor Donuts is located across from the main entrance of campus. The restaurant serves both breakfast and lunch. Photo by Dianna Wood

By Autumn Keiss

Subs, wraps, pizzas, soups and ice cream all have a place on the menu of Doctor Donuts, a restaurant just outside the main entrance to Olivet.

Doctor Donuts’ menu offers gluten-free food items, egg whites, and advertises “a wide variety of healthy lunch menu items” including an “outstanding” tomato basil wrap.

However, donuts are what define a donut shop. Doctor Donuts offers two kinds.

Customers can order a traditional donut, fried in non-transfat oil for 89 cents – a price worth paying for the warm, flavorful food.

The other option is a baked “heart smart” donut, which costs 20 cents more and has less than one gram of fat and about 100 calories.

Though healthy, they are not happy.

Although the heart-shaped pumpkin, raisin carrot, and blueberry donuts look like cakes, they taste like uncooked dough and immediately require the eater to take a sip of coffee to banish the taste.

But even the coffee at Doctor Donuts is not as good as what is served in Common Grounds and Jazzman’s.

While the coffee isn’t great, the fat-free smoothies are. Made with real fruit, the small, sweet drinks can wash away the taste of baked donut and prepare customers for another breakfast item on the menu: a sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

With strong flavored sausage and soft, flakey bread, these sandwiches have the potential to be a great breakfast. But they fall short of the mark with too little meat and too much cheese, making them an average meal to go with the better-than-average fried donuts.

Doctor Donuts is not the greatest place to grab a bite to eat, but it isn’t awful either. Its simple decorations and bright blue and orange walls provided a relaxed atmosphere.

By steering away from the healthier items, students can take advantage of the shop’s free wireless internet to get away from the noise of campus and enjoy some decent, not-so-healthy food.

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