‘My Olivet’ is your portal

By Nicole Lafond

The recently developed My Olivet portal was created to maximize the potential of ONU’s online community.

But some students are still not sure what to do with the new portal.

Freshman Katie McPhee said the website confused her.

“I don’t really understand what I am supposed to use it for,” she said. “It wasn’t explained very well to us. The only reason I have gotten on it is to pay my school bill.”

The primary goal of My Olivet is to offer a space for online community between the student body, faculty and staff.

“With My Olivet, we are using technology to create a closer community on campus,” said Noel Slaby, User Support Services Manager in IT.

Scott Knudson, User Support and Project Coordinator for IT, said My Olivet provides a lot more flexibility for campus clubs and academic departments to manage their pages the way they want to.

“Faculty, staff and club advisors have administrative rights with My Olivet, rather than IT being the primary coordinators of pages and space [like on BlackBoard],” Knudson said.

Benner Library staff members have worked to establish a space for themselves on the new portal. A link to library homepage is on My Olivet.

Additionally, the department is working on a page that will allow the ONU community to access the digital commons for free from the My Olivet page, according to Informatics Librarian Craighton Hippenhammer.

Digital commons is a place where professors, master and doctoral students can publish their dissertations, theses and articles online. ONU’s digital commons is also accessible through the Benner Library website.

Through the development of the digital commons page for My Olivet, the library department is “showing their support of the new portal,” Hippenhammer said.

The creators of My Olivet wanted to provide students, faculty and staff with a single point of access for the multiple educational systems. Students can access Blackboard, Oasis and Live Mail from My Olivet. The site also links to other helpful pages such as Career Services, Student Employment, Public Safety, Olivet’s Twitter feed and many others.

With My Olivet, students can enter one password to access multiple systems. Because of this, Slaby advises students to keep their passwords safe.

“Students need to make sure they change their passwords if the information becomes compromised, and they should remember to always log out when finished,” she said.

Senior Abby Boardman was initially confused by the website, but after playing around with it for an hour or two, she found several features useful to her.

“I usually keep up with my calendar in my ONU e-mail account, and I found that it also synced with my calendar on the My Olivet page. I thought that was really cool,” she said.

Boardman also applied for on-campus jobs and has kept up with various school functions through My Olivet.

In response to some of the confusion, Knudson said My Olivet is not finished.

“It is one of those things that we will never call ‘done,’” he said. “There are so many different areas we have yet to explore and develop.”

Slaby agreed that “My Olivet will continue to evolve as technology changes and the needs of faculty, staff and students change. We will continue to address those needs.”

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