Changes made to the Ozone

By Justine Espersen

The Ozone is starting the year off with improved Ozone T-shirts as Amanda Jensen hands over the program to Brittany Hengesh.

Hengesh was told about the job opening by Athletic Director Gary Newsome. Jensen left to coach softball at St. Francis University.

“I’m assistant coaching with the women’s soccer team, so taking this job makes sense since I’m already here and I love Olivet sports,” Hengesh said.

The T-shirt color was one of the first changes Hengesh made with the program that Jensen started it last year to give students incentives to participate in Olivet athletic events.

T-shirts are now a deep purple this year, compared to last year’s faded Easter egg color.

Several students said the new shirts make them all the more excited to be apart of the program. For example, the change in color influenced sophomore Cory Lara’s decision.

“I am strongly considering buying one this year. The new shirts, in my opinion, look way better,” Lara said.
Sophomore Adrian Calhoun agreed.

“[The Ozone] gave a lot of incentive for students to attend different sporting events as well get a lot of discounts at restaurants,” Calhoun said, “so it was well worth the 10 bucks you have to pay for it. [The shirts] look a lot better than last year, too.”

Ozone T-shirts are for sale for $10 during lunch in Ludwig and will continue to be available for the next few weeks.

In addition to the new shirts, Hengesh said there is one more main change with the program.

“The major difference will be that there will not be [a rotation of] the same sponsor(s) of the week, where discounts were given at local restaurants who sponsored the Ozone,” Hengesh said.

Sponsors will include: Little Caesar’s, Taco Bell, Exposure, Mancino’s, Le Chic Cheveau, Best Buy, Oberweis Dairy, Unlimited Tan, Schoop’s, Pup n Pop, and Beef O’ Brady’s.

“However, Ozone will still feature a fan of the game, fan of the year and lots and lots of giveaways,” Hengesh said.

Tiger Tallies, which are collected during each sporting event, will again be included this year. Tiger Tallies are points given away at sports events and prizes are awarded at the end of the year to those with the most points.

While Tiger Tallies are given to any student at sports events, students can receive more points and even a free prize such as a candy bar for wearing an Ozone T-shirt.

To participate, students need to wear their T-shirts to sporting events and sponsored restaurants to receive prizes and discounts.

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