Putting the ‘fight’ in Fightmaster

Freshman pitcher John Fightmaster (right) sits with fellow freshman teammate Jeff Victor at a Chicago Cubs spring training game over spring break. The baseball team travelled to Arizona to play ten games.

By Rachel Kearney

Jonathan Fightmaster. You may think his last name is a joke. What kind of name is Fightmaster? It sounds like it could possibly be the stage name of a WWE wrestler.

But it is not a joke or the name of a wrestler.

“People comment on it all the time, especially when I first meet them,” Fightmaster said. “My favorite from girls is, ‘John, I’m going to marry you for your last name.’”

While they may initially just want to marry him for his name, girls might have more reasons to marry him after getting to know him. Fightmaster, a freshman out of Bourbonnais-Bradley Community High School (or “BB” as Fightmaster calls it), is a pitcher for Olivet’s baseball team. Not only that, but that actuarial science major had a 4.26 GPA in high school and had a 3.8 in his first semester at Olivet, making the Dean’s List.

Baseball has almost always been a part of Fightmaster’s life. He began playing when he was four years old.

While he played soccer, football and basketball, baseball was the only sport he stuck with all four years in high school. He played every position but eventually settled on pitching.

“I like the pressure,” he said of pitching. “It makes me think more.”

Fightmaster said that he enjoys applying his mind, whether it is through the mental aspect of baseball or learning in the classroom.

“I like to learn,” he said. “It’s always good to learn something new.”

One thing Fightmaster is learning is golf. Because it is an individual sport, he said it is easier for him to try to get better at.

“I try to play as much as I can, especially in the summer,” Fightmaster said. “I’m not very good though.”

Fightmaster enjoys playing golf but also enjoys watching it, even more than other sports.

“[Baseball] is boring to watch,” he said. “Golf is a lot more interesting to me.”

One thing Fightmaster has always found interesting was coming to Olivet. His father, Tony Fightmaster, is the director of church relations at Olivet. Almost his whole family came to Olivet, including his two older brothers, both of whom played football here.

“It was just embedded in me that I was coming here,” Fightmaster said. “My parents always wanted us to come at least one year.”

Even though he may not have had much of a choice, Fightmaster said that he likes being at Olivet and does not plan on leaving.

“I love my teammates and my friends,” he said. “I like living on campus and just being able to go down the hall to hang out, rather than having to call friends up and drive somewhere.”

Maybe he will be able to find a Mrs. Fightmaster at Olivet, too.

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