Pennington exhibits works from senior art collection

By Tye Taylor

Olivet’s very own senior Zacari Pennington, also known as just Zac, is a passionate art designer and is very skilled with creating web pages and logos for organizations.

With his talents steadily progressing since he was a child, the ONU student has big plans after graduating with his art degree.

Senior Zac Pennington will graduate on May 7 with a degree in art. Photo submitted by Zac Pennington.

Pennington hails from Morenci, Mich., and has always had a passion for the more artistic things in life. When he first came to Olivet, he did not want to pursue that career though.

“When I first came as a freshman, I majored in political science,” Pennington said. “However, after a year, I realized that I didn’t like it too much; it wasn’t my desire.”

Pennington made the change to art after that year and began creating art designs to sell. He worked with many organizations as a freelance artist, making money for school. Eventually he took part in starting the web organization, Awoken Designs, that helps others make web pages and logos for their companies.

Pennington takes great pride in the work he does. He mentioned that the work they produce is clear, human-friendly and on-brand marketing material that strives for pixel perfection, as well as seamless usability and web standards in each project.
Pennington also finds inspiration from other web design artists who have published their work.

Today’s online artists such as Cameron Moll, Matthew Smith and Elliott Jay Stocks inspired him to put his artwork online to view and help companies as well.

During his time at Olivet, Pennington gained much experience with online design and art. He has previously done work with places such as The Gideon’s International,, and Prophetik.

Pennington, who graduates in May, hopes to form a partnership with UD+M Branding and Marketing Studio as well as become a founder in combining Awoken Designs with UD+M. It would appear the start to his future is already well underway.

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