Olivetians induct freshmen singers

By GJ Frye

The Olivetians is one of the most well known musical groups on and off the campus of Olivet. Recently the group has undergone a big change; there are seven new members.

The new group is likely to be a little different and not only because less than half of the members are returning from last year.  Five freshmen are included in the new lineup: Amber Leffel, Christine Caven, Ben Geeding, David Rice, and Seth Lowery. This means they are likely to be the consistent group for their next three years at Olivet.

Lowery is more than excited to join the group as one of the five freshmen this coming summer and for future years.
“I am really excited to work with such a talented group and to use my talents for the Lord,” Lowery explained. “It will be great to have so many people from my class.”

Current Olivetian member, sophomore Wes Taylor, sang during the Diversity Expressions concert in Common Grounds on Apr. 13 at 9 p.m. Photo courtesy of Image Group

Another freshman addition, Leffel, has “grown up hearing [The Olivetians] for years.”  She feels privileged to travel and sing for the Lord and already feels Him drawing her and closer to Him.

“I am eager to see how He will continue to shape this group in His love,” she said.

She considers herself very blessed to be able to take this new journey and is “looking forward to all the ways He will reveal himself.”

Though the majority of new members are freshmen, the group will also be inviting sophomore vocal talents into the group: Ashley Raffauf and Kyle Hance. They will also welcome a new sound technician for the group: Ben Cherney, also a sophomore.

Sophmore Allison Wiseman, one of the returning members along with fellow sophomore Wes Taylor and junior Laura Fleschner, is optimistic about the incoming members.

“I’m so excited for the fresh perspective and the new friendships that are going to develop,” Wiseman said. “Not only is there a lot of talent coming into the group but there is a spirit of servanthood and a willingness to use their gifts to glorify God.”

God works miracles through willing servants and the Olivetians will be no exception. There’s no telling what He will do through a ministry group with such talent that reaches so many.

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