Eskew’s trial to be held in May

By Meagan Ramsay

A former Olivet student charged with two counts of disorderly conduct pleaded not guilty to the class four felony charges, the lowest felony in the Illinois court system.

Amanda Eskew, 19, was represented by Kankakee County Assistant Public Defender Robert Regas at her April 1 arraignment. Her next court date is set for May 13.

Eskew was arrested on Nov. 3 for giving a false police report. Chief Judge Kathy Bradshaw-Elliott issued an arrest warrant for Eskew’s failure to appear in court on Jan. 31.

However, after hearing from prosecutors, Judge Elliott canceled the warrant and ordered Eskew to court on Feb. 24. Her arraignment was reset for April 1 after Judge Elliott appointed a public defender to represent her.


  1. This girl needs To get more than a slap on the wrist!

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