24-Hour prayer for Lent season

By Luverta Reames

Lent is a season where the Olivet community is encouraged to reflect on the days of Christ leading up to the Resurrection. In church services, pastors go through the Gospel readings of Matthew, Mark and Luke to gain an understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus.

Rose Prayer Room in College Church is undergoing a new transition: Preparing for a week-long 24 hour prayer event. Senior Cara Sunberg has spoken with Pastor Kendall Franklin, senior pastor of College Church, about creating a weeklong 24-hour prayer event before Easter. Sunberg has created a sign-up sheet online that will be posted to the College Church website.

Sunberg thought it would be fun to have places around the prayer room to help people walk through the lent season. She found a website that had a good idea to help people focus in prayer in the room. There will be six stations in the room and each will have a different focus.

Station 1: The Lord’s Supper. Take communion and reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. Station 2: The Garden of Gethsemane. Pray for the overwhelmed that God would give them strength. Station 3: Jesus before the Sanhedrin: prayer for the leaders of this world and those who are persecuted for their faith. Station 4: Jesus is denied by Peter. Write your sins on a piece of paper, give them to God, then rip up the paper and throw it away.  Station 5: Jesus’ Death; Reflect on its imagery as if you are there. Station 6: Jesus’ burial; finally, ponder on the sacrifice of Christ.

Sunberg also meets with other student leaders monthly that are involved in the Rose Prayer room to discuss new ideas.

Sunberg and Jordan Bergren, Vice President of Spiritual Life, hopes the Prayer Room will continue to go strong even after they have graduated. Bergren doesn’t want the baton to be dropped; he hopes that someone will continue contending for a prayer movement on Olivet’s campus.

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