Students care about more than dancing

By Erinn Proehl

Not too long ago, all of the Student Body Presidential Candidates focused their speeches on the recent ‘buzz’ on campus. Dancing is a highly discussed issue in the ASC realm, and steps have been taken in the foundational stage to have Olivet’s first dance.

Voices have been heard and actions are being taken. But I think we should ask ourselves one question: should dancing have been the most talked about issue during the speeches?

With issues such as student expenses, tuition, food quality, student events, dormitory renovations, parking situations and the need to get more common student representation in decisions and administration, why are we talking about dancing?

In no way am I trying to bash the three candidates, because I know them each personally and respect them greatly. Nor am I bashing Olivet. I know that the majority of students here love Olivet and what it stands for, but there is always room for improvement.

I feel that is exactly what the Student Body President should provide: Improvement. The Student Body President is in a position that can potentially lead us to new heights. He and ASC are given a special opportunity, and that is to be the voice of all students. I trust that with this new election and the new executives, we will be able to go beyond the content of the speeches and focus on more crucial things than dancing.

The Olivet administration has always been open to listening to its students and is willing to help in any way possible. Instead of focusing on issues that are beyond their control (meaning the Nazarene Doctrinal issue of dancing), why not voice our opinions in some of the issues that will be easier to find middle ground on? Topics such as tuition and parking situations cannot be left unaddressed by students for too much longer, as then it could be too late.

I understand and have faith that these issues will be resolved by the A-Team. I know that the resolution will be in the best interest of the University and its students, but why should we sit back and not take part in the decisions when we are invited to do so? The array of topics that the speeches could have been on is endless. I hope to see these issues adopted by ASC and hope that dancing does not stay in the spotlight long enough to crowd out important issues.

Congratulations to Kyle Lowry and all of the ASC Executives. I thank you for your dedication and passion to serve your student body. I do not believe I am speaking alone when I ask that you take the issues mentioned above into consideration. I ask that you please not focus on this one issue when there are many issues to be resolved and improved. We, as a student body, are ready to be lead to new heights and think that your positions might help us get there.

• Erinn Proehl is a sophomore. He can be reached at


  1. If there is anything that I’ve learned from my 3 years at Olivet, it is this:

    -Old people, particularly those running Olivet, are incredibly stubborn.
    -ASC doesn’t do much besides plan an event here or there. (If they do in fact play a bigger role, then the news never makes it to me so don’t get upset when I say this)
    -Kyle Lowry is really obnoxious.
    -The midwest really is as backwards as the rest of the country thinks it is.

  2. Wow. Dancing at Olivet? To think that when I was a student there we were still complaining that we weren’t be allowed to wear blue jeans to class! My how times have changed…

    John A. Small
    ONU Class of 1991
    GlimmerGlass editor, 1990-91

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