Let the battle begin

By Meagan Ramsay

The legalization of marijuana: is it economical? Is it ethical? The spring debate will answer those questions and many more at the Apr. 5 event.

Due to scheduling conflicts among the participants, the original March 21 date was postponed. But excitement should not waiver as the heated dialogue surrounding the controversial topic is sure to make up for lost time.

Professors David Claborn and Howard Van Dyke will be debating on April 5. They also battled last fall. Photo by Raven Southard

For the first time, the student body had the opportunity to vote for the topic. Around 1,000 students participated in the voting, with the majority choosing to hear about the legalization of marijuana.

“It is an issue that has and will continue to be controversial and polarizing, both within the proverbial bubble and out,” said senior Brett Carmouché, president of Capitol Hill Gang.

He also said it is a topic that hits closer to home than most because of a paradigm shift within our generation.

With Admissions Counselor Matt Bowman acting as moderator, professors David Claborn and Howard Van Dyke will return on the debate panel.

“I think students are interested in hearing what their professors have to say and what legal issues are surrounding it,” Carmouché said.

The fall debate left students sitting in the aisles and standing in doorways. Capitol Hill Gang felt the pressure to present another enthralling debate this semester, one that “keeps the audience from falling asleep,” as Carmouché put it.
The only difference in this debate is that students will get more time to ask questions.

Carmouché said debates are important on college campuses.

“It’s part of what Capitol Hill Gang is about, getting people to realize they have power, but to use that power, they have to know about the issues.”

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