Fashion Show upgrades impress larger crowds

A model shows off a featured outfit during Saturday’s annual fashion show in Chalfant Hall. Photo by Ethan Barse

By Tye Taylor

From the upgraded venue and runway to the high expectation of large numbers attending, this year’s FACS Fashion Night Out on March 26 at 7:30 p.m. brought expansion to an event that has been a fun staple on campus for years.

Past shows were normally held in Wisner Auditorium, which often led to limited seating and overcrowding problems.  The original venue also lacked an adequate stage and runway for the models to display the outfits for each category. This year, however, the event was moved to Chalfant Hall, which provided more than enough seating and a more professional fashion-show look. Not only did this improve audience attendance, but it also presented the night’s models and the featured fashions in a new and exciting way.

“I was happy to see the beautiful models,” freshman Mike Williams said. “They wore dresses that were nice and appropriate.”

FACS, a senior-run group that showcases new fashions from stores around the Bourbonnais area as well as Orland Park, Ill., hosted the event with seniors Brandi Meyers and Zipporah Kapambwe as co-hosts.  The fashion show has been an annual event on campus for over 20 years, each one bringing in new and fresh fashions from area stores.

Another change added to the show this year was outfits and pieces designed by ONU students, which highlighted the Multi Ethnic Relations Club, or M.E.R.C.

New props were also incorporated into this year’s show.

A 25-foot runway was used for the models as well as an all-white background that silhouetted the model’s profiles before they appeared on stage, an effect used most often in high fashion runway shows for the popular fashion weeks in New York, Paris and Milan.

Senior participant Sophia Erzumiah shared her thoughts about this year’s show.

“With a new setting for this year’s fashion show, it’s … the best one ever put together,” she said.

According to audience participation and cheering, the show did not disappoint.  Many students attended and found the new effects and added features to be a big reason for them to return next year.  Junior Anna Cooke relayed her enjoyment of the spectacle.

“It was the greatest fashion show I’ve seen,” she said.

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