Novel gives perspective to ‘Love on the Big Screen’

By Tye Taylor

As a “must-read” book labeled by its readers, “Love on the Big Screen” shows great promise of delivering what book readers want more than ever: a great story that you can’t take your eyes off of with a story that shows love as it really is.

“Love on the Big Screen” takes place in the early 1980s. A character named Zuke is stuck between the screenplay of movie-love and the reality of true love as a freshman at a strict college that separates men from women. He continually keeps searching for the love that he passionately desires while true love is sitting there right in front of him all along. All the while, he goes through a tale of funny plots that includes a group of his peers who create a club called “Brothers in Pursuit.” This group works together in search of God, knowledge, compassion and, of course, women.

This funny, lesson-in-life novel teaches its readers with the simple idea of not to believe what you see in movies.

While the time frame may be slightly dated, readers can easily relate to the scenarios played out in the novel since they prove that love in the movies will never mirror that of real life. The main character, Zuke, while lovable, is upsetting due to his lack of sight of the truth right in front of him. The type of love and happiness that he saw and believed from the movies was not reality and he learns this lesson by the last few pages.

The best thing about “Love on the Big Screen” is that it is an everything-in-one novel packed with romance, drama, comedy, and even a teaspoon of suspense.

With a rating of five stars by customers on and Barnes & Noble, “Love on the Big Screen” is enjoyed by many more than just this reviewer.

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