New ASC leaders are selected, prepare for conference in Canada

By Jessica Cohea

The recently selected 2011-2012 ASC Executive Council will travel to Calgary, Alberta, Canada next month for the annual Nazarene Student Leadership Conference.

This is the first year NSLC will be held outside of the United States. The council will leave for Calgary on Tuesday, April 5, under the new leadership of the incoming Student Body President, Kyle Lowry. They will return to campus the following Sunday.

The new team of ten is:
Kyle Lowry – Student Body President
Ian Morley – VP for Spiritual Life
Mitch Johnson – VP for Social Life
Alex Ripberger – VP for Men’s Residential Life
Karyn Nichols – VP for Women’s Residential Life
Shane Emaus – VP for Finance
Bre Bambrick – VP for Student Relations
Kelsea Beville – VP for Publicity
Sarah Zelhart – Aurora Executive Editor
Cathy Schutt – GlimmerGlass Executive Editor

Olivet’s student body voted for the positions of Student Body President and VPs for Social Life, MRL, WRL and Spiritual Life the week prior to Spring Break. The five appointed positions, VPs for Finance, Student Relations, Publicity and Executive Editors were chosen by representatives from Student Development, the outgoing council member and faculty advisors that week as well.

The student body needed to revote for the position of VP for Spiritual Life, however, due to a close call in the original results. In order for a candidate to be elected to a position, he or she needs to win over 50 percent of the votes. Karg said Morley was merely 20 votes away from that mark in the first round.

The fact that there was only one runoff ballot needed came as a shock to outgoing Student Body President, Evan Karg.

“I was surprised that there wasn’t a runoff for Student Body President,” he said.

Karg has high hopes for this new council. “I think they are going to be heard and recognized as leaders.”
The results did not just surprise Karg, though.

“I thought Kayla [Rolling] ran an amazing campaign,” Lowry said. “I was definitely nervous.” He is thrilled for next year and already has plans for his council.

“My vision for ASC is to continue to make ASC a place to develop leaders. I really, really want to equip people to lead. I don’t want to just do everything for everyone. I want to teach them how to do it because that is something ASC has done for me.”

Karg has been Student Body President for over a year now and has learned how to be a teacher and mentor for the Executive Council. As a bit of advice for Lowry and the rest of the team, Karg said:

“Don’t be afraid to stand up for something. Realize that you need to pick and choose your battles. You can’t die on every hill.”

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