‘Dump your Plump’


Sophomore Ryan Lejman exercises for “Team Ballin.”

By Luverta Reames

Need motivation to exercise? How about the chance to win a home cooked meal prepared by the members of Student Dietetics Association and a gift card to Fro-Yo?

Dump Your Plump is a school-wide exercise competition hosted by Student Dietetics Association. The competition is used to promote National Nutrition Month.

By the end of March, the team with the greatest number of points for exercising will win the meal.

Signups for the exercise competition are for groups of four. For 15 minutes of working out, a student gets 10 points and for half an hour, 20 points. On Fridays, a designated person on the team will email the amount of points for each team member to freshman Emily Borger. She will then tally up the points for each team.

This year the 10-member Dump Your Plump committee comprised of selected SDA members started planning for the competition in January. Certain changes have been made, including its overall structure.

“We are trying to get the word out more and earlier than last year,” President of SDA senior Ali Baig said.

Last year the SDA hosted Dump Your Plump, but there was low participation due to its late advertising.

Although Baig is a transfer student, he was still aware of the progress of last year’s event.

Baig got involved in SDA because he has always been fascinated with food and has lost 90 pounds. He wants to educate others on healthy eating as well.

This year Baig wants to make more exercising tips available, including the many reasons to exercise. Some of his reasons are: improves sleep, lung and heart function and overall well being, helps fight off diseases and sickness and helps maintain weight.


Only 10 groups have signed up for the competition.

“The typical people are not signing up, those who you would expect to,” member Ashley Bayston, junior, said.

The typical people are the athletes; students who spend hours in the fitness center.

“Many students plan to attend the 5K run for Haiti and that is where most of the student participation will come from,” said Jennifer McClellan, Mission in Actions coordinator.

“There have been some really cool group names in the signups such as The Anti-bodies, Welykesportz, and Party Midgets,” Bayston said.

SDA hosts events to increase healthy exercise habits as well as cooking demonstrations, ringing the bells for the Salvation Army and even a fundraiser selling homemade cookies.

Additional spots are available for teams to sign up if interested.

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