WRL promotes inner beauty on campus

By Luverta Reames

Events such as Sister 2 Sister, Fireside Chats, Self-defense classes, and now, Inner Beauty Week, are evidence of the Women’s Residential Life council’s love and passion for the ministry in which they serve.

The WRL council is comprised of 25 women who meet every Wednesday to have “chocolate devotions” and to plan upcoming events.

“Chocolate devotions” are a time where the council comes together to relax and be peaceful, according to VP for WRL Kayla Rolling.

“We pick out a worship song that has been on our hearts and we each get a piece of Dove chocolate, turn off the lights and snack on the chocolate as we spend five minutes in prayer or worship,” Rolling said.

She changed up the leadership style with the WRL council this year. Rolling divided the council into groups of five or six women and each group was given a specific event to host.

“This is somewhat macro-management within the team leaders,” Rolling said.

One new event exemplifying the council’s devotion to the campus is Inner Beauty Week that was held Feb. 21-25, designed and encouraged for men and women to find their inner beauty through the Lord. Each day during this week there was a specific theme for women to focus on. Although this is a women’s event, there were events on Monday and Wednesday that males were encouraged to participate in. 

The Monday, Feb. 21 theme was “to write ‘beautiful’ on your arms.” This day was to encourage all male and females to write “beautiful” on their arm. The council had a table set up in Ludwig with markers for those who wanted to draw it or those who had not had a chance to write beautiful.

Tuesday Feb. 22 there was a fireside chat in the Warming House that focused on Inner Beauty with a counselor from the Center for Student Success.  Fireside Chat is a time of prayer, discussion and intimate time with other girls to be real with each other.

The theme Wednesday Feb. 23 was “I’m beautiful because…” Name cards were handed out after chapel that gave students the opportunity to name their most beautiful trait. Rolling believes that was a step forward for those who have no self-esteem or confidence. It did not have to be just an outer beauty. Examples included, “I’m beautiful because I am a kind and generous friend.”

Thursday Feb 24 was “tell her she’s beautiful day.” Girls were given clothespins that the WRL women had already written beautiful on. The pins were given after chapel and each girl could secretly pin it on or give it to one of their friends. They could also attach it to any piece of clothing of their friends.

“No makeup day” is the theme for today.

Rolling explained the thought behind this event.     

“One of the main reasons I felt this was necessary was because I struggled with [inner beauty] and overcame it through the Lord. I know women our age that also struggled with it,” Rolling said.  

Along with Inner Beauty Week, the council of WRL is sponsoring an end of the year party for the Sister 2 Sister program and a potential spa day for the girls in April.

Rolling not only sees WRL as an organization to plan events, but also as a ministry.

“I see it as a ministry to mentor the women who are on the council because we have an opportunity to hold each other accountable.”

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