Tough competition for 2011-2012 ASC elections

By Cathy Schutt

More students have expressed interest in the ASC Executive positions this year than in past years.

Student Body President Evan Karg said more than 35 people attended the informational meetings for the ten highest positions of the Associated Student Council (ASC).

There are two types of positions in the Executive Council: elected and appointed.

Elected members are chosen by the student body and include the offices of Student Body President, VP of Women’s Residential Life, VP of Men’s Residential Life, VP of Spiritual Life, and VP of Social Life.

Appointed members are different in that they are selected by a committee which includes the student who currently holds the appointed position, the Student Body President, a member of Student Development, and a professor from an academic department that relates to the position. Appointed positions include VP of Finance, VP of Publicity, VP of Student Relations, Executive Editor of the Aurora, and Executive Editor of the GlimmerGlass.

Candidates for the Executive Council were required to submit their applications to Student Development by Monday, Feb. 14.

Students who chose to run for elected positions appeared before the ASC voting council to be endorsed on Tuesday, Feb. 15. However, if an applicant was not endorsed, he or she may appeal by getting 200 student signatures to have his or her name on the ballot.

Karg said a candidate is endorsed because “ASC feels confident in that person to run.” He added it does not mean that the council is voting that person into office.

At the meeting last Tuesday, 12 people were endorsed by the ASC voting council, and one was not.

There is competition for each elected office except one – VP for Men’s Residential Life, which only has one candidate running.

Karg attributes the high number of applicants to the fact that his office will be vacant after he graduates. Because only current members of ASC can apply for the position of Student Body President, other Executive positions are left open if current members choose to apply for that office.

If an Executive member applies for another position but does not get it, he or she may run for class council, Karg said.

Speeches for elected positions will be made in chapel on Wednesday, March 2. An electronic ballot will then be e-mailed to the entire student body for students to vote for the candidate of their choice. The ballot will close on Thursday, March 3, at 5 p.m.

The seven candidates who applied for appointed positions will be interviewed on Wednesday, March 2.

Although those applicants’ names are confidential, the candidates for the elected positions are as follows:

ž Student Body President: Jameson Forshee, Kyle Lowry, Kayla Rolling

ž VP for Spiritual Life: Jeremy Height, Ian Morley, Hannah Rowen

ž VP of Social Life: Mitch Johnson, Ryan Page

ž VP of Men’s Residential Life: Alex Ripberger

ž VP of Women’s Residential Life: Katlynn Chambless, Lauren Keener, Karyn Nichols

The new ASC Executive Council will be presented to the student body in chapel on Wednesday, March 23.

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