‘The Grace Card’ hit theaters

By Aly Gibson

It’s not rare that a new film comes to theaters nationwide each week. But it is rare that the film features relatable characters and their struggling faith in God.

“The Grace Card” is one of those films, however, which opens across the country Feb. 25.

The film follows Mac McDonald and his bitterness over the loss of a child through a challenging police force partnership with Sam Wright. The two men, opposite in faith and home life alike, struggle to find a balance and end up learning more from one another than expected.

The movie didn’t start out as a screenplay, though.

The Rev. Lynn Holmes and Dr. David Evans, both apart of the Calvary Church of the Nazarene in Cordova, Tenn. began this story as a passion play 15 years ago for the church, which grew into a “multi-media presentation”, according to Holmes. But as time and ideas progressed, both Evans and Holmes created the conjoined companies Graceworks Pictures and Calvary Pictures to produce the once-play into a feature-length film for national release.

“Jesus demonstrated the power of story with his use of the parables, and we recognize how powerful story is,” Holmes said in an interview about the film for Vimeo.com.

Such a power existed that Evans brought a storyboard for the next play to Holmes’ office, and it seemed that just a play wouldn’t do.

“In January of 2009…the worship pastor and myself looked at each other and said, ‘You know, this is an anointed story…we have to do this on film,’” Holmes said.

And so the process began. Production took place in Memphis, Tenn., getting famed and veteran actors and crew to lend their skills to the making of a story about God, love, forgiveness, and grace.

After a preview event of the film for local pastors and ONU faculty on Feb. 9, the weeks dwindled until the nation-wide release date of the film, something that was just a dream two years ago in the town of Cordova.

“Calvary Church has always been a group of people willing to think outside the box,” Holmes said in the video. “We did this movie as an outreach tool…to make a difference for the kingdom of God.

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