Shine.FM to sponsor Secret Keeper Girl conference

By Dana Peterson

On March 6, Shine.FM will sponsor Secret Keeper Girl Live, a conference that teaches young girls the meaning of true beauty.

According to, the organization consists of a group of mothers who promote a Christian moral basis for their young daughters, transcend the negative images of women in the media, and encourage the values a walk with Christ can bring. They also seek to promote a strong bond between mothers and daughters in order to strengthen moral values and sexual purity in adolescent girls.

Through the use of games, music and silly fun, this group will provide information on how parents can not only connect with their adolescent daughters but also promote a moral basis that reflects God’s belief that we are beautifully made.

“It is a great opportunity for our audience of young families with daughters to hear about truth and modesty from a biblical perspective in a fun relevant presentation for young girls,” said Justin Knight, station manager at Shine.FM.

The conference is geared toward girls ages 8 to 12.

Knight said it is not something that parents should just send their daughter to, but rather attend with their daughter because it’s a great connecting event that will engage communication between parent and daughter.

Students majoring in children’s ministry or youth ministry may also be interested in this event as an opportunity to learn how to connect with adolescents, Knight added.

Secret Keeper Girl Live will take place on March 6 at College Church North Campus. Tickets for this event, available on Shine.FM’s website, are $12 in advance or $15 at the door. The conference will also travel to other cities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Colorado over the next few months.

For more information on the Secret Keeper Girl organization, go to

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