Oddball intramurals at ONU

By David Parker

Varsity sports like basketball and volleyball are not the only intramurals offered at Olivet. Students also have the opportunity to play euchre or ping-pong in a tournament setting.

The euchre tournament has had a big turnout this year with 74 teams of two. The games kicked off last Tuesday.

The tournament’s structure is very relaxed; after the teams decide who is playing each other, they set up a time and place to play. When the game is completed, the results are emailed to organizers who then form a new bracket.

One of the most notable teams is that of Lucas Mellinger and Andrew Strombeck, who took second two years ago. They’ve managed to advance past the first two rounds and they hope to be as successful as possible while enjoying themselves at the same time.

“I just like the fact that I have the chance to play euchre,” Strombecksaid.

As for ping-pong, players compete in a single elimination tournament. The format is one game to 21 points per round then the winners move to the next round.

One player, Jeff Poucher, has enjoyed the experience so far.

“I like the competition. There are some very good players at this school and this tournament provides the opportunity to play some of the better ones, a good way to test my talents,” Pouchersaid.

He just wishes a couple changes would be made.

“It would be better for the players to have a best-of-three game series. I say this because sometimes it takes a game to fully warm up or a player could have just had a bad game,” he added.

While changes could be made, the participants certainly seem to have a positive response to it.

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