‘GG’ staff wins big

By Cathy Schutt

The GlimmerGlass staff took home seven awards at an annual state newspaper competition last weekend.

The Illinois College Press Association (ICPA) hosted a conference on Feb. 18 and 19 at the DoubleTree hotel in Chicago. The conference brought together student journalists from all over Illinois, including state and private schools.

The GlimmerGlass won seven awards in the competition, including two first-place plaques. Because Olivet has fewer than 4,000 undergraduate students enrolled, the GlimmerGlass was judged against other schools in the “Non-Dailies Under 4,000” category.

The most prestigious award the staff took home was an honorable mention in “General Excellence.” Three issues of the paper, whose dates were chosen at random by the judges, were graded for content and appearance.

John Plevka, Managing Editor of Peoria’s Journal Star, commented that the GlimmerGlass is “generous to its readers.”

GlimmerGlass Executive Editor Jessica Cohea said the award reflects the paper’s hardworking staff.

“To my knowledge, we have never been recognized for ‘General Excellence,’” she said. “Although we didn’t place, this award says a lot about the work that we’ve put in over the past two years.”

In addition to this prominent staff award, Cohea and sophomore Meagan Ramsay won third place in “In-Depth Reporting” for their stories on the Kankakee Disaster Drill.

Because the ICPA contest is judged by calendar year and not by school year, stories from both the spring and fall semesters of 2010 could be submitted.

As a result, alumni Kelly Holcomb and Matthew Cawvey also won awards at this year’s competition. Holcomb took first place in “Sports Page Design,” and Cawvey won third place for best “Sports News Story.”

Junior Krista Skelton earned three awards for the GlimmerGlass, including first and third place in “Feature Page Design.” She also won second place in “Headline Writing” for her witty title about the newest addition to Olivet’s science department: “Who knew this ‘cadaver’ happen?”

Skelton said she was happy with winning third place in “Feature Page Design” and did not expect a first place award.

“I was really happy with placing, but it was because I have great support from the staff,” she said.

GlimmerGlass adviser Thalyta Swanepoel attended the conference for the first time last weekend. In fact, the ICPA Board of Directors voted her in as a member at-large during an advisers meeting.

Swanepoel believes many students could benefit from the ICPA conference.

“I thought it was extremely informative and literally useful, not just for students involved with college media, but for journalism students in general,” she said.

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