Bruska collects 500 cards for soldiers

By Andrew Kriz

Imagine being shipped thousands of miles away from home to rough seas or foreign countries, not knowing the dangers ahead, your time table, and having limited contact with your loved ones.

“Molly’s Adopt A Sailor” aims to help sailors and soldiers across the globe by sending care packages along with personalized cards to the deployed troops, reminding them that people are still thinking about their sacrifice.

Sophomore Mary Bruska joined “Molly’s Adopt A Sailor” a month ago with the goal of collecting 500 cards.

Her goal was met and surpassed one day before her birthday on Feb. 15. She received 501 cards by that day, but more continued to pour in.

Bruska only asked for heartfelt cards as gifts so she may reach out and serve others, something she firmly believes in.

She attributes her passion for the military to her father and stepbrother. Her father is a former Navy Petty Officer First Class and her stepbrother also served in the military.

“The sacrifices they [the soldiers] made are for our freedom so we can worship God and serve others.”

The Navy ship her cards are being sent to is the USS Kearsarge which currently carries 77 officers, 1,100 sailors, and 2,000 marines according to

“I am in awe since I am touching the lives of over 500 people.  I truly believe God put this together,” Bruska said.

Two generous acts she mentioned were from her high school and a fourth grade class. Her high school sent 250 cards and the fourth grade class from Noel LeVassuer sent 30 cards.

“The cards were really cute from the younger kids,” she said. “If I could get almost 300 cards from two small schools, what could Olivet accomplish?”

Even Bruska’s sister became involved alongside her Sunday school, who added an additional 80 cards.

Bruska did not have a good inflow the first few weeks, but she said she received plenty of verbal support during that time.

She needed to encourage people to donate. She needed something drastic.

If she collected 200 cards she would dye her hair blue.

“I guess that was motivation enough, people really wanted to see my hair blue.”

Sporting her now blue hair and a postage box filled with generosity from all walks of life, Bruska reflected on this time of giving.

“This whole experience has put me in a great mood and a great mindset… if I can get 500 cards in a month, what can I do in a year?”


  1. It was an honor for Molly’s Adopt A Sailor to work with Mary. She showed such amazing love and support for our troops. Our troops depend on young people like Mary and your students to show their support. Everyday our troops get up and fight for our freedom. They don’t get a day off or they don’t get to call in sick. Sleeping in….that’s not an option for them. The average age of the men and women that are fighting for our freedom is 20. I can’t imagine being 20 and witnessing some of the horrific things they have seen. They are literally fighting for their lives…and ours. I don’t know anyone who would run into danger with no thought of their own safety but our troops! They’ve got your back! Thank you, Mary for making sure you let our troops know…….that you have their back.
    As a college campus, you have the ability to make a tremendous impact on the lives of the men and women serving our country. If Mary could make a HUGE difference in the lives of our troops, just think what ONU could do! We hope that your students will take Mary’s lead and get involved in supporting our troops. Our troops need to know that America has their back.

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