Annual fast benefits Nebraska ministry

By Cathy Schutt

Students had the option of participating in the annual Finkbeiner Fast, today.

“It’s a fast where the 11 Nazarene schools in North America join together and take a day of prayer and fasting,” said Evan Karg, Student Body President.

Students who live on campus can choose to donate up to four Sodexo meals. Though the meals themselves are not donated, the money that would have been used to pay for them is donated to a specific cause.

The fast is named in honor of Kurt Finkbeiner, who was the Student Body President at Northwest Nazarene University in 1989. He drowned the night before he would have graduated. Now, students of Nazarene schools remember him through community fasting and prayer, Karg said.

A worship service will be held in Kelley Prayer Chapel from 6 to 7 p.m. tonight. Kelley will also be open all day for students to come and pray, Karg said.

The money donated during the fast is typically given to benefit another country. However, this year, the Nazarene schools are donating the money to Nebraska State University’s ministry center, which functions through the Nazarene church.

“It’s a neat way for us to give back to a ministry to college students that isn’t through one of the Nazarene schools,” Karg said.

He added that ASC will match the amount that the student body donates to the fast.

Meal cards were passed out during the week of Feb. 21. Students filled out the cards to indicate how many meals they would like to donate and returned them to the Ludwig desk.

Sodexo employees will count the cards during the week after the fast to calculate how much money is given.

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